Who We Are

Foresight Research is an independent research firm with its main offices in Nairobi Kenya. We pride ourselves as the premier firm in solving your research needs by applying rigorous proven and inimitable methodological approaches.

Our value proposition over the years has and will always be to create meaningful stories from data in order to meet and surpass your objectives.

Our Values

At Foresight Research, we believe in honesty and integrity as the core drivers of our idealism and commitment in delivering quality insights to our clients. We believe in the clients we work for and what they do and always want to partner with them actively during the research process. We understand the importance of public perception, your organization’s key policies and the realities that exist therein and thus ensure that our clients are timely and adequately informed for decision making.

Our Collaborative Strategies

Our hands-on approach is what buttresses our commitment to our clients’ needs. Indeed, we believe that research insights form a critical pivot point in your strategic team’s need to come up with key decisions. In this respect, we endeavor to closely work with them to ensure that your needs are met and surpassed.

Our Mission

To be positioned as leaders in championing for integrity and honesty in applying meaningful research concepts to aid in strategic and timely decision making for organizations and communities in Africa and beyond.

Our Vision

To impact the community through bespoke research ideas that will eventually transform and make the world a better place one day at a time.

Our Competitive Advantage

We believe for an organization to thrive, it has to invest in and empower its people for efficient and timely delivery of client needs. In this respect, we work with a lean but very experienced team of research professionals, who take it upon themselves to stick to our value proposition that borders on top quality and innovative research concepts. We believe in collaborating with each client from project inception to closure to stamp our presence and reliability as useful tenets in work delivery. While understanding the budgetary constraints and realities, we strive to offer competitive pricing for top quality research, thus helping you realize gains using the budget you have to work with.

Our Success Record

Honestly, we think what we are doing here is actually working. We do not just settle at providing actionable insights to our clients, we believe in creating lasting relationships. It is always refreshing to see our clients succeed in their campaigns, at their work places, using educational and advocacy material and public sector programs. The fact that they refer their friends and partners to us makes us believe that on a good day, we are helping expand informed thought processes at work places and in communities, and on a bad day, we are doing no harm.

The importance of tapping into rich insights that will advise and drive your strategic plan to achieve your ROI cannot be understated...

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