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Foresight Research has strategically evolved from a full-stack market research company to a value-based, nimble field data collection agency. Founded in 2015, we pride ourselves as a professionally established firm with extensive know-how and knowledge of Africa.

Over the years, we have affirmed our data collection and fielding services strength by upping the number of our field personnel from a mere 20 to now over 500 in 22 African countries. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, we have continuously partnered with the ‘Big Boys’ at home, to ensure that we reassure our growing clientele that we live by what we promise.

We understand that collected data can only measure to quality standards only if the people and the process was beyond reproach. Thus, we strive to engage the best personnel for each project, audit our systems vigorously and deploy a team that we can count on. To us, quality is not just a term we throw around, we stick to it!

Our clients trust us for our firmness and dedication to quality, experience and a keen attention to client needs, while at the same time remaining relatively flexible to ensure we are cost effective and competitive. Our guarantee is to deliver verifiable, accurate and actionable data sets and insights in the way that you want them.

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