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Data collection is a very rigorous process. Data analytics depends on accurate data that reflects the exact opinions, thoughts, behavior and experiences of the subjects. Reports generated from these data is the gist of the process as it advises the client aiding in strategic decision making.


We believe engaging a team that understands what it takes to arrive at reliable data is key in your project plan. It is our strong thinking that you need a partner that leverages top expertise in having the job done by employing tools that inspire development, ideas and creativity. Our people have been tested over the years, using versatile approaches and designs, challenging work environments and African terrains, new age technology and the results have been stellar all through.


We operate as a startup for each project, putting our heads together, collaborating with you at every stage, keeping our communication lines open to you 24/7 to ensure that we don’t miss a thing. We believe big or small, your project needs expert hands. And we break down every detail so that we ensure that you fully understand the WHY’s.

We cover the entire East and Central Africa with field presence in the South and West of Africa. Our key operational teams are in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Ethiopia.

 Our field managers are highly trained and skilled, with superb understanding of the regions they work in. We pick and train our people so that our processes are uniquely understood and delivered to our client’s satisfaction.

As the key stakeholders, we understand the subtle role that these members of the Foresight family play. They are instrumental in asking the questions, seeking clarification and writing down the responses. Their skills and experience are relied upon on every project that we handle and we ensure that we employ the very best.

To us, data that falls short of quality is organized rumors. It cannot be relied upon. It cannot assist the client make decivice and strategic decisions. We therefore believe quality control and assurance are the tenets that make meaningful sense to the process of data collection. That is why we have a robust team of quality assurance officers, whose primary role is to arrest any disparities, correct and align the teams in field and ensure that what we give you is exactly the sentiments of the people we talked to.

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