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Our core business is assisting your business collect data from participants or respondents. As a core service offering, our team comprises of highly qualified people who understand the ins and outs of data collection. We have:

Our data collection service and field management cuts across all verticals. We have and continue to assist clients collect data from: 

  • Market Research including from U & A surveys, BHC’s, product tests, Customer satisfaction studies, market segmentation studies, pre and post launch concept tests among others
  • Social Research including baseline, mid-tem and end-term evaluation, youth, women and children cross sectional studies among others
  • Health Research 
  • Political studies
  • Marketing and promotional campaigns including event evaluation

We also offer consultancy services on the above key areas, helping you plan strategically.

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Welcome to Foresight Research. We are here to assist you collect quantitative and qualitative research data.
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